Martial Arts For Everyone

At Centreline Jiu Jitsu Hove we want to make our classes as accessible to everyone as possible and we wanted our membership options to reflect this, we therefore have two very simple memberships available for kids and adults:

£40 per month – One session per week

£85 per month – Unlimited membership
Come to any adult classes at any of our locations. Hove, Worthing and Lewes

All of our memberships are based on a 30 day rolling contract, there is no long term commitment and you can cancel at any time, we just request 30 days notice in order to carry out any cancellations.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Centre Line logo

“I started BJJ with Younis a few years ago aged 41. It’s a great martial art, lots of fun, challenging and rewarding plus there is always a new technique to learn.

I’ve benefited from clear improvements in my flexibility, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Plus I’ve found I’m just less stressed out by day-to-day things outside of class, so a big bonus for my mental health and sense of well-being.

The instruction at the academy is top-notch and with a strong ethos on it being a friendly training environment with no big egos on the mats. We all learn together, beginners and advanced.

If you are reading this and wondering whether to give it a try, give Younis a call and ask about a trial class, you won’t regret it.”

– Nick